Custom Built Computers in Effingham

From start to finish, Computer Conexon in Effingham can help you design and build a custom computer based on your budget and needs. Whether you are looking for a computer optimized for gaming, video editing, or most anything else, we can find the perfect solution.

Advantages of a custom built computer from Computer Conexon in Effingham 

  • You choose your hardware and software
  • You can save quite a bit of money
  • The performance will be top-notch
  • You pay for only the hardware & software that you need.
  • Your system is not "bloated" with unnecessary trial software that you don't need or want
  • You get FAST local support for any issues you may have
  • Each component of your custom built computer is covered under a manufactures warranty

Computers pre-built from big companies typically come preloaded with a lot of software that is unnecessary. They do this because they have partnerships with software companies and get paid to put their software on your computer, hoping that you will purchase the software from them. These programs often slow down your computer incredibly from the moment you turn on your computer for the first time! Don't let big companies take advantage of you. When you hire us to build a computer for you, your computer will come with no free trial software. We set up and optimize your computer to be as fast as possible!